To help you learn the history of Land Speed Record competition, the technology involved, what it is like to squeeze into a land speed record motorcycle and hurtle down the salt at 200, 300 or more miles per hour, the National Motorcycle Museum is in the research and planning phase for a new exhibit entitled Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS presented by J&P Cycles. The exhibit opened June 4, 2016.

Given Vincents special connection to Bonneville, the Museum was thrilled to display two machines built by Big Sid’s: Tina, the Biberman’s 600cc single and their Rapide based land speed bike called Lola. Other bikes included in the show include Salt Ghost from Lowbrow Customs, the Rick Vesco Yamaha twin XS650 powered streamliner, Tina, and the World’s Fastest Bagger fromKlock Werks Kustom Cycles, the J&P Cycles Streamliner, the Bakker Motorsports Hyabusa sidecar rig, an un-faired pre-unit supercharged Triumph, plus interesting Howard Allen Knuckle and Panhead Harleys. A machine powered by a pre-War Plymouth flathead six-cylinder engine, Monster, and Tramp III from the S&S Cycle Museum are also expected to be part of the exhibit. And there are more land speed record bikes coming on line.

The STREAMLINERS exhibit was curated by John Stein, expert on straight line motorcycle competition and author of two books WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE and MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING; A HISTORY.

“We appreciate the support of our sponsors, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance and J&P Cycles. And we wish Allstate Motorcycle HAPPY ANNIVERSARY; as of this year Allstate has been insuring motorcycles for 50 years!” Mederski says.

As an additional treat, Matthew Biberman lent the Musuem Big Sid’s Vincati to be displayed during the Streamliners run.

Make plans to see this exhibit during the National Motorcycle Museum’s June 4 Vintage Rally 2016 event or any time through May 2017 when the 12 month temporary Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS exhibit presented by J&P Cycles will be dismantled.