About Big Sid’s

–Photograph of a young Big Sid, on display at the American Motorcycle Museum

Sidney “Big Sid” Biberman bought his first Vincent new in 1950. In the fifties and early sixties he modified that motorcycle into one of the fastest drag bikes racing on the east coast of America. In 1974 he opened Big Sid’s Motorcycles Sales and Accessories. Until his death in 2013, Sid built and serviced all kinds of motorcycles, although his involvement his vincents was to become the basis of his fame and reputation. His customer’s machines won many events in both show categories and in competition. His reputation among Vincent enthusiasts was cemented with the publication of Vincents with Big Sid, a personal history of the brand, with an introduction contributed by Jay Leno in 1998. Shortly after that publication he was made an honorary member of the Vincent Owner’s Club. His world wide fame was secured with the publication of Big Sid’s Vincati (Penguin, 2009). Written by his son, Matthew Biberman, Big Sid’s Vincati was a Sam’s Club’s Fatrher’s Day book pick, and was reviewed in many high profile publications including The New York Times, the Sacramento Bee, the Kansas City Star and many other venues such as the television shows Cafe Racer and Jay Leno’s Garage.

After apprenticing to his father for well over a decade, Matthew Biberman is now continuing the family tradition, working with Vincent owners and servicing their machines. His associate Logan Robeson has worked with Matthew and Sid since 2009. He has set several records on Biberman Vincents and held the AMA’s no 1 plate for his category (MVG-PS 1000) for two years and was the subject of a story that aired on the television show Cafe Racer across two episodes.

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